Food that tasted better than it looked

by Robert A. Ripps on September 29, 2014


Smoked pulled pork with BBQ sauce.



Time flies…coach?

by Robert A. Ripps on September 18, 2014

I was back in San Francisco last week, and as I like to do whenever I can (besides eat at Henry’s Hunan) is photograph “my street,” as I call it. Last time had been just shy of four years ago, so I was prepared for some possible changes, especially since last I saw, the Grasslands cocktail lounge looked like it had gone under. Well, I am happy to report, they are still in business, same location, new sign.


From September 21, 2010:

Back in my blog post of December 27, 2009 I talked about looking for a scene I had shot back in 1990, and even showed a sample of it. I was not able to find the exact scene last time, thinking it had changed so much as to be unrecognizable. Well, I was back out on the west coast last week, and undeterred, I decide to keep trying to find that street.


This time, I walked further up and down every street in Chinatown, up and down all the hills, peeked into every alleyway, stared up at every building, until finally, at the bottom of Jackson Street, I felt a kind of sixth sense about it. I turned a corner, feeling somehow I was close, and sure enough, I was there!


Amazingly, most of the scene was intact 20 years later, save for the Pac Bell phone booth, the Far East something Service has changed to Wayne’s Liquors, and a sign of Chinese characters has come down. Unfortunately the Grassland Cocktail Lounge sign as seen better days, and is no longer lit up- probably because the space is for rent. I doubt it will survive another year, but who knows.

And, the Chinese restaurant not visible in the foreground is now a Thai restaurant, all of which, if you are interested on Kearny, at Jackson.

And that “new” Thai restaurant from 2010- it is now a Quickly, which seems to be a pan Asian fast food chain.


A tree grows in the Bay area

September 12, 2014

Some recent images from my ongoing Urban Trees series…soon to be a major motion picture…or actually, a book…

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Chapter 7, in which I enter a giant camera obscura on Chambers Street…

September 5, 2014

Yesterday I met Troels Heiredal, who invited me to hang out inside his storefront camera obscura. But not just any storefront camera obscura- no, this one has multiple lenses, so he can do live multiple exposures. If you are downtown in lower Manhattan before September 12, stop by 118 Chambers Street. You’ll know the camera is open […]

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Mirrors and Windows (with apologies to John Szarkowski)

September 3, 2014

Some images from the summer…

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So mama don’t take my Kodacolor away

August 14, 2014

Some 1930 color movies, shot on Kodacolor- a pre Kodachrome “color” film. Although Kodachrome was the first true color film, Kodacolor movie film looked black & white, until it was projected through a special color filter that allowed the lenticular color information to be displayed. Here’s another Kodacolor movie I found- you can see by the color glitches why the […]

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Guilty pleasures….

August 2, 2014

Jedediah Johnson.

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If a Tree Dies in the City, Will Anyone Notice?

July 16, 2014

From NPR…a million ways to die in New York.    

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A tree grows in New York…and New Jersey

July 15, 2014

Some recent images from my ongoing Urban Trees series… And coming soon, Urban Trees, the book!

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Just add water…

July 11, 2014

Designer Jan Uretsky & I do a final edit for my upcoming Urban Trees book. Hope to have it out by the end of the summer. Stay tuned for more updates.

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